The only new thing in my life now is Gaze of Our Lives video lessons. (this is going to turn out to be a sponsored add)
Are you doing horrible in the glazing studio? Have you ever taken a glaze calc class but still feel like you don't know anything about glaze? Have you ever thought to yourself "I wonder if it's a good idea to ingest this lead?" (It's not). 
If this sounds like you than do I have a product for yoooooooooooouuuuuuu~!
Come on down and sign up for Glaze of Our lives: Understanding Glazes for the Beginner
A new fun and informative way to learn about glazes, and if you've missed something you can always go back and re-watch it. 
All jokes aside though, as the one good thing to come out of the COVID-19 out break, I have the opportunity to watch and learn from Matt Katz as he goes through the basics of understanding glaze. 
If you ever have the opportunity to take these courses you 100% should.
I'm getting bored and might be going crazy. Glaze of our lives has been a great workshop though, keeping me busy for at least one day of the week. Otherwise my life has become dull. luckily today I was able to chat with my ceramics group. It was good to catch up with them, but it's not the same as seeing them in person.

I'm ready to get back to school and make something. At this point it could be the most technically challenging thing and I would still prefer it over spending everyday inside the house. But it'll be fine, as long as everyone stays safe and takes care of themselves we can get through this...right?

My images from my zoom chat today won't upload, so here's a dog.
I don't do well with blogs, but this is a new world that we're living in and it deserves some attention. COVID-19 has completely changed my world. The last time I was at school I had my the opening reception to my Spacelab show and hardly anyone came, the hallways were empty and the few that did show were all pretty somber. we were preparing for a temporary shut down so that the school may go through sterilization, but the time apart is now lasting much longer and classes have been out online for the rest of the semester. The quarantine has put me in a state of confusion, anxiety, and stress. I miss my friends and being at school. I miss being able to wake up and work with my hands in a proper studio. I miss being too busy to think because lately I've had too much time to overthink. I wanted to take this opportunity to sit down and have time alone to my thoughts, but at times it seems overwhelming. I'm hoping to have a break through before the end of this, or maybe thi…

week 5

I am currently trying to work on new ideas for vessels and what surface to apply on top of them. While exploring ideas of sexuality and femininity, and the roles they play in both my life, and society.
I've been working on underglaze drawings, and hopefully soon I will be adding gold luster into the mix. These vessels have drawings of my own body, fruits, vegetation, and other symbols pointing to overt sexuality.
At the same time I'm working on getting pieces together for an instillation.
I want to recognize my home country of Mexico, and the impact it has had on me. Part of the process is getting together ceramic silhouettes of clothing articles, and other materials that will help bring the space together.  I will be slip casting clothing and burning them out to make these object. I just recently learned that casting slip should be mixed longer than I previously have been doing. Now I'm taking an hour at a time to mix and make sure all the tiny particles are properly sepa…

Week three, Fall 2019

This week I started working on making mugs for our first project. I haven't thrown in a while so it took a bit to get into the swing of things but I felt accomplished after I got all of the vessels done.

I also talked to our new postbac, Sam, about different red clay bodies and what temperatures they could fire to. We ended up landing on taking a white clay body and mixing in dry materials to achieve what I had in mind. 
I'm only in the beginning stages, with one test tile complete. I decided to go for it anyway, and threw a couple vessels out of my new clay. Hopefully it works out and the pieces hold together well in the kiln.
There was a few gallery showings for our spacelab in the last few weeks. Our resident artist Sydney, and my peer Merlin had great turnouts for their spacelab showings. There work was amazing to look at, and exciting to watch as they gathered and put together the finishing touches.

A Crude Touch

The resident artist of the ceramics program Sydney Ewerth Had a show recently at the Scheherazade Gallery, which is right down the street from me. I did't get to go to the opening because I had to work but I did stop in before hand and Help her out with a few things before leaving. I also got to see everything before it was ready which is always a fun experience to see the transition of things.

A crude Touch was an awesome idea. I think Alex Schmitz' work and Sydney's work fit really well together. I had the opportunity to meet Alex after as he and his partner were staying at the 21c while I was working bar. It was really nice getting to talk to him and learning more about his work and where he's from. all in all a great experience.

week 4

We're started our glaze calc this week and we finished up greenware crit for our apologia project. I think everyone's turned out really nice. Class has been going really well but now I'm feeling a little stressed with the sell coming at the end of February.

Last night Alma, Jessie, and I stayed late, and helped Alma get into a Mug show, which was fun. We had to make a "DIY light room" to get decent photos.

I've also have been working on making utensils and trying to trouble shoot with making ceramic straws. I know it must be possible, maybe there's a video somewhere but I think talking with my peers has given me an idea or two which is much more worth my time.