spring 2019 week one

The first day of class Alma and I decided to split up the remainder of "tom's red clay". Everyone gave us compliments on the colour but it's been a little tricky to work with so we're going to try a cone 6 soda fire soon and use up the rest of it so we can try a different clay body that is a little more red.

Moving on from there I started working on my next project and trouble shot with a couple friends about techniques I could try. I want to create this bulbous form and leave the impression of my body in the material. Plaster, clay, and concrete were the mediums decided on, and while there were other mediums discussed I think those are the three I'm going to stick with as I feel that those are the best for what I am doing.

As I progress with this project I'm going to take the time to take a performance approach with this and record the process of the drying time. I'm not sure how long the drying process will be but I understand that I'll have to …

crit day

crit felt like poop. I thought more people were going to talk, and they didn't. But everything is all good. I'm just going to keep working on things over the brake and see where it takes me. Maybe I'll be inspired and pick a direction to go in for next semester.

dirty bags

my peers and I have been talking about going to nceca but I'm not entirely sure that that's a possibility anymore because I'm trying to save money to go back to new york in the summer.
We were going to do a student sale and I plan on making work over the break to help get me started before hand just in case I do end up going i'll have some money to help fund the trip.

A week or so ago my peers teamed up with the printmaking studio to do a holiday sale that I was not apart of, but I did annoyingly go up and show my support. My bus driver even came around to look at some of the stuff.

here be the babies
freaking dirt bags

trying to get to 16 part 2

I'm going to start applying for scholarship/grant opportunities before the new semester, and in one of them I would have to do a space lab show and present my work at a conference if I got in.

I'm looking forward to the space lab show and have already started working on the project. I plan to use some ceramic pieces along side crafting and painting.
I've been looking at graduate students work and letters to get a sense of whats going to be expected of me. Even if I don't get the grant I'm going to try and do the space lab show anyways.

that's it
This is a commission piece that I made for my friend. completely unrelated.

trying to get my 16 blogs part 1

I don't have 16 blogs so here's more art I've been working on throughout the semester:

I got into the BFA  program recently and it was such a hassle trying to get everything done before it was due. I took three days to get all of my art to school and once it was there it took three + hours to get everything documented but in the end it all worked out seeing as how I got in, but now I also have photo documentation of most of my work.

These are the unedited versions of my work

week 16

Tomorrow is my final crit and I am more nervous now than I am excited. 
I went into the studio tonight to unbrick the kiln but it was already done by the time I had gotten there. I pulled my things out and epoxying the things that broke in the wood kiln and other items that just had cracks.  I'm going in early tomorrow morning to find some pinata inks and paint the poxy gold. I'm not sure I'll use those in the final but it's good to just go ahead and do it.
I also had my husband come in with me as I don't see him very often and we brought the dogs in with us. They got super dirty but it was fun for everyone
over the break I want to be in the studio more so I can actually work on things not assignment based and hopefully I'll get a little bit better on the wheel. 

week something

our last crit is coming up soon and I have most everything ready except for one item that was put into bisque this weekend. I want to try and take more time on is and work to get glazes right. Alma and I decided on a new clay and I'm excited to start throwing with it over the brake, I've started making spoons with it already. Unfortunately they broke before going into the kiln but I've decided i'll fix it later kintsugi style as I've had a few other things break in the wood kiln as well.

So I'm actually really excited for crit. even though we've only had a couple throughout the semester, I feel like our little group is very talkative and expressive which is very different from my other art classes, so I'm hoping everyone shares a little bit more in this group and I actually get some feed back.