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spring 2019 week one

The first day of class Alma and I decided to split up the remainder of "tom's red clay". Everyone gave us compliments on the colour but it's been a little tricky to work with so we're going to try a cone 6 soda fire soon and use up the rest of it so we can try a different clay body that is a little more red. Moving on from there I started working on my next project and trouble shot with a couple friends about techniques I could try. I want to create this bulbous form and leave the impression of my body in the material. Plaster, clay, and concrete were the mediums decided on, and while there were other mediums discussed I think those are the three I'm going to stick with as I feel that those are the best for what I am doing. As I progress with this project I'm going to take the time to take a performance approach with this and record the process of the drying time. I'm not sure how long the drying process will be but I understand that I'll have