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week 10- Alfred

While we were in NY my coworker went upstate to Alfred and had the opportunity to look around and speak to some of the professors there. Because of scheduling conflicts I did not get the same opportunities, but I'm very proud of him, as he was offered a spot when he's ready to apply to Grad school. I insisted that he take photos for me and give me the lowdown on everything, which he has yet to do so I'll be posting more about his little adventure later, but for right now I have some interesting pictures. I think these pieces are really helpful and inspiring for our next project as I am considering imagery and possibly working on the wheel.

Performance Art

My last night in New York I went with my friend to a performance art gallery to watch as she documented the artist. The space was rather small, but felt more comfortable than other local galleries I had been to- it felt more like my kind of people. I planned to be only part of the audience and only for a short while as we were only there to document one person performing. But the moment I walk in I am pulled from my coat and told that I'm going to be an actress. I was given my lines 10 minutes before going on and was very overwhelmed. Another woman came up to me and tied herself to me using a bungee cord- the reason for this, I do not know. The piece used almost everyone in the room and focused on trauma, rape, and harassment. There was a lot of screaming a lot of emotion and afterwards a lot of crying. This first performance was then followed by a black Man with a God complex telling everyone that he was the "Blackest n*^%$ in the room" and personally I would like to s

Met & MoMA

While I was gone, My goal was to go to the Met and MoMa- which proved successful. While the art in these galleries are not my favorite, I think it's really important to go to see the history and see the evolution of art through the years, and it really just reinforces everything that I've learned in all of my Art History classes. Walking through both (especially the Met) I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all. I got lost a number of times and couldn't even remember what floor I had seen and what I hadn't. \ I was very fortunate to see long time classics and might have almost cried at the sight of Starry Night , but it was taken away by the amount of people clustered around it. My only regret was not going to see MoMAPS1 while I was there, as they currently have a piece on temporary stay that I'm incredibly interested in. I'm considering living there over the summer so hopefully it's still up and I can see it then.

Week 9

I didn't attend class this week, instead I took advantage of our time off and left to go to New York for a friends gallery opening, which was an amazing yet weird experience for many different reasons. It was the first solo exhibition and was not prepared for the small space in which it was held. It was exciting though to get to watch the transition and progress of her work start to finish, as we had first met at Penland School of Craft where she was in the beginnings of many sculpture put on display @lucaslucasnyc art gallery. This Is her work. I'm very proud to have a friend who has made it this far.

week 8

This past week our class put on a make-a-thon to help get enough bowls for a school empty bowls event, and I was very excited to be apart of that. I also had some soda fires come out of the kiln. I wasn't very happy with them at first, but they've started to grow on me. I plan to have some pictures of them up later. I'm spending the week in New York and so far I've seen so much work. I'm excited to go a gallery art showing on the 18th and I plan to visit the Met later in the week. Going to MoMA was an amazing experience and was so inspiring.

Week 7

This week I wanted to get some articles that dealt with heavy topics that relate to some of my experiences or things that were relative to my situation. I brought in some articles dealing with race, war, and mass school shootings.  I've started messing around the idea of using hands for this piece but so far I've had no luck. I'm hoping tomorrow after watching some videos I'll be able to produce something. Here are some really sad, really light sketches.