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A Crude Touch

The resident artist of the ceramics program Sydney Ewerth Had a show recently at the Scheherazade Gallery, which is right down the street from me. I did't get to go to the opening because I had to work but I did stop in before hand and Help her out with a few things before leaving. I also got to see everything before it was ready which is always a fun experience to see the transition of things. A crude Touch was an awesome idea. I think Alex Schmitz' work and Sydney's work fit really well together. I had the opportunity to meet Alex after as he and his partner were staying at the 21c while I was working bar. It was really nice getting to talk to him and learning more about his work and where he's from. all in all a great experience.

week 4

We're started our glaze calc this week and we finished up greenware crit for our apologia project. I think everyone's turned out really nice. Class has been going really well but now I'm feeling a little stressed with the sell coming at the end of February. Last night Alma, Jessie, and I stayed late, and helped Alma get into a Mug show, which was fun. We had to make a "DIY light room" to get decent photos. I've also have been working on making utensils and trying to trouble shoot with making ceramic straws. I know it must be possible, maybe there's a video somewhere but I think talking with my peers has given me an idea or two which is much more worth my time.