Met & MoMA

While I was gone, My goal was to go to the Met and MoMa- which proved successful. While the art in these galleries are not my favorite, I think it's really important to go to see the history and see the evolution of art through the years, and it really just reinforces everything that I've learned in all of my Art History classes. Walking through both (especially the Met) I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all. I got lost a number of times and couldn't even remember what floor I had seen and what I hadn't. \

I was very fortunate to see long time classics and might have almost cried at the sight of Starry Night, but it was taken away by the amount of people clustered around it.

My only regret was not going to see MoMAPS1 while I was there, as they currently have a piece on temporary stay that I'm incredibly interested in. I'm considering living there over the summer so hopefully it's still up and I can see it then.


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