week 1 and 2

Being fairly new to the ceramics studio it was (still is) a process. I'm trying to find my footing and get acquainted with the people around me who have been here semesters before. That being said, it hasn't been bad. If anything being in the ceramic studio so much has helped me re-adjust to the school and coming back in for the fall session. Most of my time has been spent working on our first assignment- finding every weird gross thing, no sane person would willingly touch. It has been quite the challenge to try and find materials for making my own pigments. In the first week I didn't have any connection to pre-made paints or marker colours so I decided to make my own. I later found crayons and markers I could use as well.
during the second week we made sandy white clay to help get us started. I already care for this clay more than my first semester stoneware. There is little to no grit with only 8 lbs in a 200 lb barrel- It makes for quite the transition from a clay the was mainly grog.   


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