Week 3

This Week I had wrapped up on our re-purpose project.

As everything had to be found I started the project of by going around my city and scavenging for this that I thought might be useful in creating pigments. I was (semi) successful in creating brown, red, and orange "paints".

-by this time now though, they are all molded and gross.

I also went around and collected flowers and other vegetation.
Before the project began I had many other materials that I had found that I wanted to incorporate into the piece, such as an assortment of bugs and glass panels I had received from a friend, that was also once found sitting in an ally way.

all of these came together into a four part series commenting on the bible's interpretation of homosexuality. As I disagree with many peoples reading on these topics I decided to make my project centered around this idea.

I laid down specific chapters of the bible that were commonly believed to be a negative views on homosexuality and drew women (as women are also poorly represented) on top of them in an intimate and vulnerable light.

From there I added items from where I currently reside, and where I would like to be, to make the piece more personal to my past experiences.

overall I think the project turned out great and I was happy that I had enough time to make multiples of them.

This project has really brought out some new ideas and new ways of thinking for more people than just myself, I think.

Being able to see everyone's work, and going through our first crit of the semester was a really great experience and quite refreshing to say the least. I was much more excited than I initially expected.



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