The First Circle- Limbo

 I've recently submitted an application for a grant through Kentucky Foundation for Women. I'm working on trying to make a new app that would help women across the world and I'm very excited to be launching the GoFundMe for that project shortly. I will also be featuring in a show coming up on September 12th, as the model for my partner's collection. The show will be hosted at Trouble Bar from 7-12. Tickets are available @

I was recently notified that a grant I was nominated for passed on my submissions and went with two other wonderful artist. I'm upset by this news but I will continue moving forward and applying for other opportunities in the area.

As of my projects in school, I have started working on my banquet scene and building the frame of my pig center piece. There isn't much to look at as of right now so I won't be adding pictures of it quiet yet, but there will be progress made by the end of the week. 

These images are promotional photos for the September 12th show.

Sketch for banquet scene pig


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