Week three, Fall 2019

This week I started working on making mugs for our first project. I haven't thrown in a while so it took a bit to get into the swing of things but I felt accomplished after I got all of the vessels done.

I also talked to our new postbac, Sam, about different red clay bodies and what temperatures they could fire to. We ended up landing on taking a white clay body and mixing in dry materials to achieve what I had in mind. 

I'm only in the beginning stages, with one test tile complete. I decided to go for it anyway, and threw a couple vessels out of my new clay. Hopefully it works out and the pieces hold together well in the kiln.

There was a few gallery showings for our spacelab in the last few weeks. Our resident artist Sydney, and my peer Merlin had great turnouts for their spacelab showings. There work was amazing to look at, and exciting to watch as they gathered and put together the finishing touches.


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