week 5

I am currently trying to work on new ideas for vessels and what surface to apply on top of them. While exploring ideas of sexuality and femininity, and the roles they play in both my life, and society.
I've been working on underglaze drawings, and hopefully soon I will be adding gold luster into the mix. These vessels have drawings of my own body, fruits, vegetation, and other symbols pointing to overt sexuality.
At the same time I'm working on getting pieces together for an instillation.
I want to recognize my home country of Mexico, and the impact it has had on me. Part of the process is getting together ceramic silhouettes of clothing articles, and other materials that will help bring the space together.  I will be slip casting clothing and burning them out to make these object. I just recently learned that casting slip should be mixed longer than I previously have been doing. Now I'm taking an hour at a time to mix and make sure all the tiny particles are properly separated. this will help insure that my casts come out looking the way they're meant to.


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