week one of heck

 It's a new semester and if we thought it was weird before it's definitely weirder now. Going back to class is hard and has been quite the adjustment. I love being in a space to create again and having a new studio but not being able to sit a talk with my friends has taken some adjusting, and it's an ongoing one. I wish things were different but with everything going on in the world I can feel a change in the air. 

I'm proud to be a woman of colour in this time, and working towards a new future with my art. I'm going to start working on a very large project based on my experiences this summer with protesting and the rising strength of the BLM movement. I will also be featuring in a show with my partner on this very topic coming up on september 12th and I welcome everyone to come. I will be adding more information on here as we get closer to the date.

here's just a few pics of my new studio. I think I've finally have everything situated. It's great to be in a new space with new beginnings


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