I don't do well with blogs, but this is a new world that we're living in and it deserves some attention. COVID-19 has completely changed my world. The last time I was at school I had my the opening reception to my Spacelab show and hardly anyone came, the hallways were empty and the few that did show were all pretty somber. we were preparing for a temporary shut down so that the school may go through sterilization, but the time apart is now lasting much longer and classes have been out online for the rest of the semester. The quarantine has put me in a state of confusion, anxiety, and stress. I miss my friends and being at school. I miss being able to wake up and work with my hands in a proper studio. I miss being too busy to think because lately I've had too much time to overthink. I wanted to take this opportunity to sit down and have time alone to my thoughts, but at times it seems overwhelming. I'm hoping to have a break through before the end of this, or maybe this whole experience will one day become something. My art has taken on a new life with recent events. I never saw gardening as an art until now. It's a way to continue working in raw material. even though it's not the same as making a sculpture in a studio, there is something great about being able to pulll out the different layers of the earth.

Hopefully as time goes on my thoughts will be more clear and more art will come from this wild time we are all experiencing together.


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