2020 is the worst year ever & why Part 1-

 I've been very absent from the beginning

when it comes to participating in class and turning in school work. This is my sad attempt to keep up but more importantly it's a way for me to tell my story and get out there what needs to be said. I'm Bipolar

I'm Bipolar and a Queer, Black, Mexican Woman living in America.

I'm a Queer, Black, Mexican Woman living in America during a pandemic and it's election season. 

This year Did start off amazing. I was flown out to New York by my aunt, and I was able to network and get in touch with a woman who held my pieces in her gallery. That was the first time my pieces had ever left the state. It was an exciting moment but everything went down hill from there. 

Soon after the rise in covid cases spiked to a point that everything was immediately shut down and I lost my job (to which, I still do not have). Just after was the Death of Breonna Taylor in our own city of Louisville. And then after was the Death of George Floyd. May they both rest in piece. Since the first uprising I had been out in the streets every night for nearly a month. 

My routine consisted of waking up, Working and side hustling, protesting, sleeping for a few hours and waking up to do it all again the next day. 


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