Final Photos for HouseGuest

These photos were taken after setup in the space. setting up my piece didn't take very long but working with everyine in the class took some time. Install went great though. Everyone came out to help and it went over very smooth. I brought my son with me so, of course, he provided entertainment for us. 

In this first photo you can see what I like to call sugar packets, more so resembeling sweet n' low. But others have told me that, in this context,resembles cocaine. For future installs of this piece, I'll have to make adjustments to that.
In the second, you can see the inside of the coffee cup. Here I used plaster to fill the mug, and used acrylic ink and a clear two part epoxy set ontop of that.

The colour on the rest of the pieces uses the same acrylic ink.

The glass jug also has epoxy on it to resemble water drops.


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